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The Old Ghost Road

The Old Ghost Road is complete Dec 2015

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This track can be comfortably ridden in both directions - the main differences being where you stay and the 28ish km hill climb Lyell to the Ghost lake hut or 28ish km DOWN HILL  Ghost lake hut to Lyell .....you pick.

In the North West corner of the South Island of New Zealand a ghost is awakening. A long-forgotten gold miners' road is being revived as a mountain biking and hiking trail - connecting the old dray road in the Lyell (Upper Buller Gorge) to the mighty Mokihinui River in the north.  The 80km-long Old Ghost Road will traverse majestic native forest, open tussock tops, river flats and forgotten valleys.

Working with the New Zealand Cycle Trail project, the volunteer-driven Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust is partnering with a range of entities to make The Old Ghost Road a reality. It’s almost as if the engineers from the 1870’s knew we were coming. The spirits of the old miners and track builders are inescapable. No less than five ghost towns populate the route.  The Old Ghost Road is quite literally an 86km-long outdoor museum.

The Old Ghost Road is a work in progress Open as of Dec 12 2015 . Work continues in the last three sections. Nothing comes easy in this terrain.

 Hut booking is paramount as this funds the on going up keep of this world class track - $140 per person for 1 to 4 nights in almost luxury accommodation is well worth it - so stay 4 nights and enjoy the hidden gems at each hut.    

  Refer to the trail map on our website for details 


The Old Ghost Road, on completion dec 2015, is 86km of single track adventure through remote river valleys and high tops. We'd love as many mountain bikers as possible to come and enjoy this trail and landscape.........BUT, the reality is The Old Ghost Road is not suitable for riders of all ages and abilities.

The Old Ghost Road is a Grade 4 (advanced) mountain biking trail and has a variable natural surface.  In general and in accordance with international standards, riders should expect the following on a Grade 4 trail:

A mixture of long steep climbs, narrow trail, poor traction and difficult obstacles to avoid or ride over. The outer edge of the trail may be exposed with steep sides or drop-offs in places.  Most riders will find some sections easier to walk.

Our main aim is that mountain bikers enjoy this experience and are safe doing so. This is as much about planning, preparation and the expectations you form, but it also involves you being realistic about your own ability.  If you are in doubt, we recommend using the following guide to determine whether The Old Ghost Road is for you:

  • Are you competent and confident riding along a trail with steep, exposed edges and drops on one side?

  • Can you ride over rocks, drops and obstacles the size of soccer balls?

  • Are you fit enough to ride long steep hills for an hour at a time?

  • Can you ride for extended periods (up to 8 hours) each day? 

  • Can you ride along a narrow winding trail that is only 400-600mm wide in places?

In recognition of user needs, we have tried our best to ensure the trail standard and surface is as good as possible.  But The Old Ghost Road traverses some wild lands and steep sides and drop-offs are unavoidable.  Undoubtedly, this is part of the attraction of The Old Ghost Road - but only if this is within your capability and comfort zone. Please do not attempt The Old Ghost Road if it is not.


The Old Ghost Road is open for end to end hikers book your huts and Email Us with dates and numbers for shuttle prices and booking - Airport pick up and drop off FREE with end to end Bookings.