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Personal Locator Beacon (GPS Integrated)

PLB Rescue Anatomy

When you activate your beacon, it sends a signal to a satellite that then relays that message to the rescue authorities.

Once that signal is received, the authority will then call us and ask us the details of the hire, i.e. number in the group, any special notes about the hire, their planned route of travel, etc. While that information is being forwarded to them, the GPS chip inside the beacon has locked onto the GPS satellite and sent its coordinates to the rescue authority. The rescue authority then tasks the appropriate local crews to go and rescue you. Simple - efficient - effective.

We use the ACR new generation 406Mhz Personal Locator Beacons (digital). Some of our later models even have a strobe light built in to increase night vision capabilities of the search crews. This light can be seen for up to 15 kilometres.

Over the years we have been using these beacons, we have learned that they stand up to the great outdoors of New Zealand and when needed in an emergency - THEY WORK!

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