GU Chews Vegan

GU Energy Chews ARE VEGAN!!


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GU Energy Chews are specifically formulated to energize your body during exercise. Using GU energy during your training will keep your mind alert and active, and your muscles going strong. It gives the most concentrated form of immediate energy with no stomach bulk or distress, is quickly and efficiently absorbed, and will maintain your blood sugar at the optimal level for a great training session from start to finish, whether it's running, cycling, swimming , or at the gym. GU contains maltodextrin, the best complex carbohydrate for delivering energy to working muscles plus a small amount of fructose for efficient liver glycogen replenishment. This provides the optimal balance of carbohydrates for the body during exercise: 80% complex/20% simple. It is this balance of maltodextrin and fructose in GU that delivers a quick rise in blood sugar and maintains that glucose level for up to 45 minutes during exercise.