ReadySetGo AntiChafe

ReadySetGo AntiChafe provides a waterproof, friction-reducing film on external skin areas to reduce the effects of chafing, irritation and blisters.

Being a concentrated oil-based product, containing no water, it creates a barrier and reduces the damaging effects of water on skin. This is also helpful in healing if you have chafing or wind burnt lips because of the added Tea tree oil which acts as a natural antimicrobial to reduce the chances of infection. It's also a mild anaesthetic.

Use it when:

  • Cycling (seat contact areas)
  • Running (top of arms, feet, nipples)
  • Tramping/Hiking (feet)
  • Horse riding (saddle contact areas)
  • Multisport or Surfing (wetsuit chafing points)
  • Adventure racing (feet)