Shuzi (pronounced Shoo-zee ) utilizes a proprietary Chip from United States.

No battery/energy source is required.

Many people ask us how this is possible. Here is our official explanation:

It is a well known fact in the scientific community that ALL atoms are in a constant state of motion. This includes physical object atoms, such as the atoms that make up a desk or chair. More specifically, every atom in a physical object is known to “vibrate” or oscillate back and forth.

Our most popular product of all time.  Our original Sports Band with Clasp this comes in flat or round. Extremely durable and comfortable. The comfort band is great as it just slips over the hand - it has some give and you hardly know its on. For those who are just getting their feet wet with Shuzi, these are great products to start out with.

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  • Small 20cm
  • Med 21cm
  • Large 22cm