STEVE PEAT - Lock On Handlebar Grips - 6 Colours - Lizard Skins

Ride like a pro with the Steve Peat inspired Signature lock-on grips. Lock-on grips are designed to easily slide onto the handlebar and clamp with the rings to ensure it is secure and won’t slip during the most intense rides. Providing a sturdy ride, the patented lock-on design eliminates unwanted movement to maximize the rider’s control and comfort. Lizard Skins lock-on grips include the grips, clamps, screws and plugs. - Now in 6 colours

  • Black Grip with Grey Rings
  • White Grip with Red & Blue Rings
  • Graphite Grip with Red Rings
  • Blue Grip with Gold Rings
  • Neon Grip with Black rings
  • Tangerine Grip with Black rings
  • 130mm Diameter ODI Lock-On Grip System
  • Small diameter 30.5mm
  • "Peaty" logo incorporated on Grips
  • Weight 112gms
  • Diameter 30.5mm
  • Supplied with end caps & screws
  • Quality Lizard Skins product