Whitebait Net - NZ Made Material WithTrap

Proudly New Zealand made here in the south island to the highest standard. These are six thread over locked and will not let you down - No cheap imported copies can compare!



Made from NZ made material.

The net size is determined by the circumference measurement of the hoop.

Kiwi material: This is a New Zealand made material,100% polypropylene. It is very strong and durable. It weighs twice as heavy as English Ulstron. Available in off white or grey colour.

kiwi material


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English Ulstron verses Kiwi Net

* Both are 100% polypropylene

* Both Nets are NZ made/ using a six thread over locker

* Both are made by the same people

* Both are durable and don't stretch

* English Ulstron is imported Kiwi net is NZ made

* English Ulstron is LIGHTER and so glides though the water nicer

* PRICE English Ulsron is more expensive

* Both are not Chines nets (although there are nets that are cheap that at first look may seam the same) If its cheap its not the real deal.

* English Ulstron has a honey cone shape Kiwi net is square