Stevenson Mining Source to Sea

12 September, 2015

Stevenson Mining Source to Sea Cycle Challenge

Saturday November 7th, 2015
Nelson Lakes to Westport


10% off entry when you pop into Habitat Sports to enter!!  

The Worlds Fastest 100-miler
If you have a PB for this classic distance, chances are it’s on the S2C, the 620-metre elevation drop from the start to the finish means gravity will be helping you achieve your record time.

“Something For Everyone!”
Events for 2015
  • 160km Solo ride (Nelson Lakes to Westport)
  • 160km 2-Ride Relay Team (Nelson Lakes - Murchison - Wesport)
  • 160km 3-Rider Relay Team (Nelson Lakes - Murchison - Inangahua - Westport)
  • 100km Solo ride (Murchison - Westport)
  • 50km Solo ride (Inangahua - Westport)
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