Bushman insect repellent

Bushman personal insect repellent is sort after by Hikers, Fisherman, cyclists in fact any one who doesn't want to be eaten by sand-flies, Mosquitoes, ticks leeches or marchflies.

Red no sunscreen / Green contains Sunscreen -

PLEASE NOTE Some sunscreens don't complement Deet products

RED = Cream 75g 80% Deet - no sunblock

           Spray 60g 40% Deet - no sunblock

           Spray 225g 40% Deet - no sunblock

GREEN = Cream 75g 80% Deet with sun block

           Spray 50g 20% Deet with sun block

           Spray 350g 20% Deet with sun block

           Pump 100ml 20% Deet with sun block